Footbridge over Černá strouha

Studio Mádr – Malošíková (MáMA)

Špindlerův Mlýn, Czech Republic
50°42’58.8″N 15°37’25.8″E

Completion date

project management: Josef Mádr, Šárka Malošíková
student team: Lucie Kolenová (author of the proposal), Tereza Červená, Daniel Homola, Jakub Svitek, Adam Škarka

Tomáš Bryčka (static solution)

Ammann Czech Republic, Ara – továrna na nábytek, Wurth spol.

Administration of the Krkonoše National Park, FA CTU

Authors of photos
Martin Čeněk, Jiří Ryszawy


“We walk through the forest, along the Wedge Path, along the hiking trail. We are climbing. The higher we go, the narrower the trail gets underfoot. The forest thickens. Massive trees surround the area. Suddenly the path curves, the branches part and a beautiful view of the valley and the opposite southern slopes spreads before our eyes. Underfoot, water rushes steeply down from the towering mountains. We are standing on the site of our footbridge. But this is not a place you just want to walk through. With the view of the surroundings, the water gurgling underfoot and the waterfall at your back, you are encouraged to stop and enjoy the beauty. By designing this place we offer a space to slow down, to rest…” The footbridge in the avalanche area follows the terrain and naturally turns in the direction of the trail. The two main beams span a seven-metre span and naturally connect two different height levels. A bench runs along the top line of the outer beam, which overlooks the valley. The main supporting structure, consisting of cross-linked steel strips, is transversally connected by rolled IPE profiles carrying additional, already wooden layers. The connecting elements are hidden from view on the underside of the structure. The cedar wood from which the footbridge is made still smells exotic years after completion.


Opening ceremony 18. 1. 2018

Finished construction