Footbridge over Friesova gully, Nelávka

Studio Mádr

will be specified upon arrival on site, Czech Republic

Completion date

project management:  Josef Mádr, Štěpán Tomš
student team:  Tereza Smažinková (author of the proposal), Petra Biliková, Sabina Ježková, Šimon Mezovský, Matěj Střecha

Tomáš Bryčka (static solution)
Šárka Malošíková (project coordination)

Tomáš Bryčka (static solution)

Administration of the Krkonoše National Park

Authors of photos
Iveta Valentová


Along the Klínový brook there is a hiking trail, which is divided by the Friesova gully. It is at this point that we are creating a new bridge with our footbridge. As this is a very inconspicuous place, we decided to create a footbridge that blends in with its surroundings as much as possible. This is how we came up with the idea of creating a construction that will be invisible, because the footbridge will be connected to the hiking trail by its walking surface, so that you will not realize that you are crossing the stream until the last moment. So we had to create a sufficiently durable structure that could withstand the extreme conditions of contact with both water and soil. So we came up with the idea of using a sheet pile as the main load-bearing element of the structure, which is directly designed for such extreme conditions. In our case, however, we are laying it horizontally. The sheet piles are used to create an imaginary bathtub, which is filled with a layer of soil that merges with the surrounding surface. The only thing that can be seen from the pedestrian’s point of view is the thin frame that lines the perimeter of the structure. For safety reasons, it was necessary to add railings to the design. When designing the railing, we tried to make it visually grow out of the ground and act as a separate element that would not draw too much attention to the footbridge. The railing was designed using bent steel reinforcement.


Opening ceremony 20. 6. 2023

Finished construction