Footbridge Medvědí Boudy

Studio Kordovský – Vrbata

Harrachov, Czech Republic
50°46’17.1″N 15°35’06.0″E

Completion date

project management: Petr Kordovský, Ladislav Vrbata
student team: Ondřej Novák (author of the proposal), Jakub Bilan, Tereza Kosíková, Adéla Šeflová, Nina Třísková, Irena Zmeškalová

Tomáš Bryčka (static solution)

CABLETECH, Pila Martinice, Jiři Bobiak, Zinkpower

Administration of the Krkonoše National Park, FA CTU

Authors of photos
Martin Čeněk, Jiří Ryszawy


The footbridge on the Medvědí brook is located on a hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing trail directly connecting the east with the west of the Krkonoše Mountains. A simple but distinctive wooden truss structure bridges the valley of the Medvědí Mine at an altitude of 1020 m above sea level. The side walls of the footbridge consist of two high trapezoidal trusses, which are connected at the ceiling level by closed steel profiles. The individual members are made of larch wood, the natural material emphasising the character of the site. The overall stability is supported by several steel elements and tie rods. The footbridge’s walking surface is anchored on the wooden beams. Instead of a railing structure, a net is attached to the trusses. Coming from the direction of the Medvědí boudy (Bear’s Hut), you walk along a curving path and the footbridge suddenly appears in front of you. Its massive construction adds to the feeling of surprise. The footbridge is an important milestone between two Krkonoše ridges, a link between two points. Passing through the construction offers tourists an unusual experience.


Opening ceremony 18. 1. 2018

Finished construction