Footbridge over Boudecký brook, Kokrháč

Studio Kordovský

will be specified upon arrival on site, Czech Republic

Completion date

project management: Petr Kordovský, Ladislav Vrbata
student team: Petr Meloun (author of the proposal), David Ludvík, Jonáš Klvaň, Petr Matyáš, Zuzana Nucová, Jan Pelikán, Adéla Plašilová, Veronika Pokorná, Michal Pospíšil

Tomáš Bryčka (static solution)
Šárka Malošíková (project coordination)

PILA MARTINICE, s.r.o., Ocelové konstrukce, Záhrobí, s.r.o.

Administration of the Krkonoše National Park

Authors of photos
Iveta Valentová


The Kokrháč footbridge is located on the Krakonošova cesta connecting Horní Mísečky and Dvoračky, where it crosses the Boudecký Brook. The surrounding environment consists of a dense forest, its quiet atmosphere is complemented only by the gurgling of the stream and the squawking of the grouse. The main load-bearing structure of the footbridge consists of two HEB profiles, which are reinforced by three transversely placed profiles. The footbridge is flanked by railings made of welded rectangular plates. The walking part consists of larch prisms placed on spikes, which also serve as an anchoring element of the railing to the main supporting structure. The aim is to keep all joints concealed and to prevent leakage and degradation of the material. The easy assembly of the footbridge and the possible replacement of the wooden elements are key points of the concept.


Opening ceremony 20. 6. 2023

Finished construction