Faculty of Architecture, CTU, Czech Republic
50°06’20.4″N 14°23’23.0″E

Completion date

project management: Hana Seho
student team: Anita Černá, Jakub Daniel, Eva Ellösová, Jiří Foller, Kateřina Grejtáková, Monika Jůzová, Zuzana Krištofíková
assistance with implementation: Matěj Dědek, Pavel Halgaš, Vendula Hladoníková, Daniel Homola, Roman Hrabánek, Míša Chitovová, Kryštof Krupanský, Jan Podolka, Štěpánka Poučová, Jaroslav Smejkal, Pavel Struhař, Martin Tauer, Katarína Tomášiková, Sára Trojovská

Ing. Martin Truhlář

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Ing. Jan Kanaval, Ing. Marek Štádler, Zámečnictví Tomáš Beran, Jafholz, Egger CZ

Faculty of Architecture, CTU in Prague

Authors of photos
Martin Čeněk, Jiří Ryszawy


The Rolling House, a house on wheels, was built by students based on sketches by American architect John Hejduk as a gift for Alena Šrámková’s 90th birthday and the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. Prof. Šrámková planned a sculpture by Hejduk for the courtyard of the FA building, but it did not happen. There were no plans for the construction, and students drew from publications about Hejduk’s work. They discovered the completed sketch in the book Vladivostok by Hejduk’s close collaborator Kim Shkapich. They also consulted the project with JH’s daughter Renata Hejduk and, through her, with former colleagues and followers of John Hejduk. They themselves drew up the drawings on which the building was built. The simple mass of the building is complemented by symbolic elements for the house, a cylindrical balcony, a wind tunnel resembling an antenna and a chimney-shaped light tube. The outer shell is made up of sheet metal panels fixed with visible joints with precise geometric articulation, while the inner cladding is made of painted plywood. The open interior space is complemented by three levels of auditorium for viewing the bustle in the school courtyard. Outside and inside, the building is black to bring out its richness of form and to stand out well against the terracotta paving. Like many of Hejduk’s other concepts, the house is mobile.


Opening ceremony 11. 11. 2019

Finished construction