Joy of lying down

Studio Mádr – Tomš

Prague 3 – Žižkov, Czech Republic
50°05’05.6″N 14°26’40.8″E

Completion date

project managemen: Josef Mádr, Štěpán Tomš
student team: Nina Gáťová, Martin Kozák (authors of the proposal), Tereza Lakomá, Yana Metenko, Jan Mokrý, Eliška Nakládalová, Barbora Strnadová, Petr Sulan, Michaela Térová
pomoc při realizaci: Jakub Bartoň, Adam Burger, Peter Horváth, Petr Meloun

Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

Authors of photos
Jan Kratochvíl, Jiří Ryszawy


Park Radost is located in Žižkov under the stadium of Viktoria Žižkov. Most of the year it is used as a shortcut to the nearby tram stop. A temporary installation for Landscape Festival 2020 proposes a place to slow down, sit down and refresh here. The proposal consists of three parts – a residence net, a terrace and a bench. The wooden terrace brings passers-by under the treetops where wooden seating awaits them. A misting area is created above the hammock, which can accommodate up to six people. Pipes with nozzles are piped up the trunk to create a fine water mist. The terrace and bench are wooden, the net is made of propylene with a steel structure. It is simply a joy to lie on!



Finished construction