Horní Maršov, Czech Republic
50°39’44.8″N 15°51’34.7″E

Completion date

project management: Josef Mádr, Štěpán Tomš
student team: Roman Hrabánek (author of the proposal), Alexandr Kachalov, Lukáš Kalivoda

František Denk (static solution)

Bayo-s, DEK trade, EGGER Group, JAF HOLZ spol., H3T architekti, OBI Trutnov, Robert Bosch odbytová, Würth

Administration of the Krkonoše National Park, FA CTU

Authors of photos
Jan Kratochvíl, Jiří Ryszawy, Štěpáín Tomš


The Eye shelter on the hiking trail between Horní Maršov and Žacléř is a signpost and a pleasant place to relax with a view of the Giant Mountains. The concept is based on the shelter as a point on the hiking trail, which is not the destination of the trip, but helps in orientation, provides protection and gives the opportunity to see the surroundings from a height. The Eye is located at a busy mountain crossroads in the eastern Giant Mountains. Hikers, cyclists, cross-country skiers pass by the shelter during the year. The layout of the structure is adapted to year-round use, and the ground floor can be opened in summer to provide shelter from the sun and the weather. For the winter, the large shutters close and the shelter becomes a den that protects against the weather. In a time of need, one can spend the night in the gallery area under the semi-circular window, where the traveler is awakened in the morning by the breaking rays of the rising sun. The building is made of wooden frames that are weathered from the inside with plywood. The lightness and cosiness of the interior contrasts with the dark cladding, which refers to the surrounding huts in its colour and the composition of the planks on the façade. Only one element stands out, a skylight made of moulded Plexiglas. It is the eye of the shelter, into which the observer can enter and perceive the surrounding landscape from a different perspective.



Opening ceremony 17. 1. 2019

Finished construction