Bench over Džbán

Studio Mádr – Tomš

Prague – Vokovice, Czech Republic
50°05’43.1″N 14°20’07.0″E

Completion date

project management: Josef Mádr, Štěpán Tomš
student team: Meerim Abdybakhmanova, Iveta Bernatová, Ondřej Brych, Tereza Červená, Oksana Džabarjan, Daniel Homola, Anna Králová, Eliška Müllerová, Marek Spálenka, Jakub Svitek, Eva Svobodová

Bayo-s, Molepo, Robert Bosch odbytová, Würth

Municipal district of Prague 6

Authors of photos
Jiří Ryszawy, Štěpán Tomš


A wooden tribune on the bank of the Džbán reservoir in Prague’s Vokovice serves for seating with a view of the water surface and as a comfortable staircase. It is located very close to the grassy beach, bordering a popular hiking and cycling trail at the top. A beaten path already existed in the hillside and there was no need to significantly interfere with the growing greenery. The bench offers different levels of seating. It is easily accessible from both the upper and lower levels. The construction of the bench is wooden with solid 160mm KVH beams, sheathed with a plank deck. The foundation is on ground screws. The wooden elements are protected by a heavily thinned layer of varnish, so that the grain of the wood shines through, and the bench blends in with the slope and surroundings thanks to the grey tone. The students cleaned up the surrounding area and placed wood chips around the sides of the bench. The building is designed as a temporary structure with a planned lifespan of at least three years, but that can be significantly extended with occasional maintenance. From the first line on paper to the completed building, the project took nine days to complete, with six days on site.


Finished construction