Footbridge over the Pudlava river, Hranolky

Studio Hlaváček–Čeněk–Minarovič

will be specified upon arrival on site, Czech Republic

Completion date

project management: Dalibor Hlaváček, Martin Čeněk, Tomáš Minarovič
student team: Radim Baláž (author of the proposal), Daniela Haladová, Petr Eibisch, Veronika Kudrnová, Alena Richterová, Jan Stuchlík, Martin Sýkorský, Michal Zapletal

František Denk (static solution)
Šárka Malošíková (project coordination)

ARA Kolín, s. r. o., Dřevostavby BISKUP,  Plechexpres, s.r.o., Robert Bosch odbytová, Rothoblaas, ToroTECH, s. r. o.

Správa Krkonošského národního parku

Authors of photos
Iveta Valentová


Back to Špindl, front to Labská. Ha! The footbridge! We waded through the drifts to finally see it, buried under the snow. There it was! No railings. The rails will replace the inadequate footbridge on the blue tourist route connecting Špindlerův Mlýn with Labská bouda. The footbridge crosses the Pudlava river, offers a view of the waterfall and turns the other side towards the Labský důl. The atmosphere of the place is emphasised by the smell of wood and the sound of running water. The design responds to the natural environment in its materiality and colour. The load-bearing structure and the walking surface are made up of ten longitudinally placed solid larch prisms. The visually predominant wood is complemented by subtle corten detail. On the downhill side, the footbridge is framed by a subtle railing, while on the opposite side, a bench serves as its function, providing an unobstructed view of the Pudlava Waterfall. The simple design does not compete with the place, the footbridge tries to be a natural part of it.



Opening ceremony 20. 6. 2023

Finished construction