Špindlerův Mlýn, Czech Republic
50°42’33.8″N 15°39’42.7″E

Completion date

project management: Dalibor Hlaváček, Martin Čeněk
student team: Pavel Struhař, Tereza Houdková (authors of the proposal), Nikola Macháčová, Radka Smičková, Veronika Tichá

František Denk (static solution)

Akademie řemesel Praha – Střední škola technická, Dřevobarvy, DOMO HUSTOLES, Eramont, RAPI-TEC, Reglass

Správa Krkonošského národního parku, FA ČVUT

Authors of photos
Tereza Houdková, Jan Kratochvíl, Jiří Ryszawy, Martin Čeněk 


Klínové boudy is a beautiful place with a distant view across the grassy plains to the opposite ridges of the Giant Mountains. The concept of the Atüln shelter is determined by the demanding alpine climatic conditions. The shape of the building is based on classic shelters, whose steep roof best suits the local snow conditions, but the interior space does not offer contact with the world. On the contrary, the view becomes the dominant feature of the new shelter. Directly opposite the entrance, the visitor is treated to an impressive view through the glazed south-west gable. The oil-infused planks refer to tradition, and their continuous vertical joint continues on the floor and on the sturdy benches, on which one can eat a snack and pass the night. The outer structure of wooden beams raises the shelter nearly two metres above the ground and allows access even in winter when the snow is at its usual height. At the same time, passers-by can hide under the shelter from the snow and rain. The facade made of tan spruce planks resists wind and water and gives the building a natural patina. Above, a leeward area accessed by a flight of plank stairs lets snow and clutter fall through a grid of vertically laid planks. The door merges into a solid surface with a partition lined with planks and opens outwards for practical reasons. The shelter is divided into two modules that can be safely transported by truck.


Opening ceremony 17. 1. 2019

Finished construction