Tursko, Czech Republic
50°11’57.7″N 14°20’24.8″E

Completion date

project management: Dalibor Hlaváček, Martin Čeněk
student team: Tomáš Kodet (author of the proposal), Michaela Chmielová, Alena Linková, Jan Šefl, Mikuláš Valdman, Tomáš Vojtíšek, Anna Zíková

František Denk (static solution)

Carl-Stahl, Defbeton, Miloš Brejcha, Přidal, Rothoblaas, Stavoka, Míra Tománek, Tursko, VOŠ a SPŠ Volyně

Libčice nad Vltavou

Authors of photos
Martin Čeněk, Jiří Ryszawy, Lubomír Kotek


Three high seats – Bench, Silo and Chair – are new excursion sites in a forgotten acacia grove between Libčice nad Vltavou and Tursko. Their concept works with different geometric shapes, capacity and function. The Bench is the largest, observers sit side by side and in good weather they can see all the way to Mount Říp. The Circular Silo offers an intimate space, the Chair has the gentlest staircase, and is safe for children and the elderly. Each structure is made up of three parts – a concrete foundation slab, a steel support structure with a ladder or staircase, and a wooden viewing platform with a railing and a bench seat. Their height varies between three and five metres. All wooden elements are made of larch.

Opening ceremony 3. 10. 2021

Finished construction