Concept and production
Hana Seho

Irena Hradecká 

Authors of texts
Seho, Michal Bartoš, Karel Stibral, Veronika Faktorová, Pavel Pavlovský, Radek Suchánek, Irena Hradecká

Authors of photos
Jan Kratochvíl, Jiří
Ryszawy, Štěpán Tomš

Language proofreading
Anna Světlíková

Graphic design
Vojtěch Beran, Monika Kučerová 

Map materials
© Správa KRNAP

Teaching guidance of participating teams
Dalibor Hlaváček, Petr Kordovský, Josef Mádr, Hana Seho 

Contributing to the success of the project were
Martin Čeněk, Jan Světlík, Štěpán Tomš, Ladislav Vrbata, Kateřina Rottová, Fakulta architektury ČVUT, Správa Krkonošského národního parku

Tiskárna Helbich, a.s., Valchařská 36, 614 00 Brno

Department of Architectural Design II, Faculty of Architecture CTU in Prague, Thákurova 9, Praha 6 – Dejvice, 166 34,
first edition, 2020
172 pages, 150 pieces
ISBN: 978-80-01-06709-3


The second book in the 1:1 series documents the project Shelters for the Giant Mountains, during which 29 students led by eight teachers from the Department of Architectural Design II of the FA CTU designed and built six tourist shelters for visitors to the highest Czech mountains as an emergency shelter in bad weather. The project was carried out in cooperation with the Administration of the Krkonoše National Park in the academic year 2018/2019.

The book offers a broader context through expert texts and draws attention to the interdisciplinarity of this architectural achievement. The authors of the texts, among them, look at the themes of cultural images of natural and man-made environments, the phenomenon of path, dwelling and landscape from the angles of history, aesthetics, ecology, psychology and architectural theory.