Teaching [sustainable] architecture

Authors of texts
Dalibor Hlavaček, Martin Čeněk

Expert reviewert
Petr Kratochvíl

Language proofreading
Markéta Teuchnerová

Graphic design
Tomáš Machek, Jiří Kristian Počta

PB tisk Příbram

Zlatý řez
first edition, 2020
200 pages
ISBN: 978-80-88033-07-3


Hikers’ shelter, footbridge on the trail in the Giant Mountains National Park, self-sufficient Air House, flagpole/tower… These are only a small part of the implementations or proposals presented in this new publication. Their final form is revealed, as is the process of creation. The authors, teachers at the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU, present this process not only through the projects of their students, but also through the works of already practicing architects.

The main theme is sustainable architecture. Not in the sense of an outcome or a guaranteed guide, but a process/approach. Thanks to erudition, readers will get a vivid idea of what concepts such as self-sufficiency, sustainability, environmental responsibility mean (or should mean) in architecture… Together with the authors, they will discover that, similar to the characteristics of a building and its aesthetic aspect, the relationships during the realization and the disposition of the people who use the building are also important for the (sustainable) outcome.

The considerable added value of this clearly and tastefully produced book also lies in the many references, citations and valuable expert sources. These sources of information can also refresh the (post)consciousness of those readers for whom sustainability is their daily bread.