Design and build

Author and editor
Šárka Malošíková

Authors of other texts
Dalibor Hlaváček, Jiří Palacký

Authors of photos
Alessandro Columbano, archiv 1zu1, archiv BCU, archiv CoCoon, archiv Live Builds, archiv SCS, CPID PSU, Hanna Müeller, Laura Fiorio, Mari Hunt, Päär Keedus, Santiago Oviedo, Studio Chamanga HM, Tonu Tunnel

Czech translation 
Šárka Malošíková

English translation 
Michael Russo

Language proofreading
Marie Kejvalová

Graphic design
Martin Král

Ing. Petr Hlaváček – tisk, K Vystrkovu 165/19, 14 300 Praha 12 – Modřany

Department of Architectural Design II, Faculty of Architecture CTU in Prague, Thákurova 9, Praha 6 – Dejvice, 166 34,
first edition, 2018
100 pieces
ISBN 978-80-01-06535-8


Design-build education provides students with an opportunity to compare their abstract designs with completed material realities and to personally experience each stage of architectural practice, including the construction phase. The book discusses various aspects of design-build education and offers insight into the practices of an international variety of five studios and one supporting platform. The texts presenting the differing approaches are based on interviews with heads of design-build studios in which they described their experiences as well as the personal beliefs that shape their teaching methods.

This publication is one outcome of research on design-build teaching at the Department of Architectural Design II at the Faculty of Architecture CTU in Prague, which has initiated a number of such projects in recent years.