The Rolling House

Author of inspirational sketch
John Hejduk

Concept and production
Hana Seho

Jiří Horský

Editorial cooperation
Hana Seho

Authors of texts
Jiří Boudník, David Gerstner, Jiří Horský, Ladislav Lábus, Luis Miguel Marques, Larry Mittnick, Catherine Seavitt Nordenson, Hana Seho, Vladimír Šlapeta 

Authors of photos
Hélène Binet, Martin Čeněk, Vladimír Krátký, Matteo Piazza, Jiří Ryszawy, Veronika Suchá, Petr Šmídek, Štěpán Tomš

Authors of drawings
Jiří Boudník, John Hejduk, Kamil

Language proofreading
Eva Lorencová, Anna Světlíková

Lenka Fárová, Jiří Hrubý (to Czech), Martin Tharp (to English) 

Graphic design
Alena Hyblerová


Department of Architectural Design II, Faculty of Architecture CTU in Prague, Thákurova 9, Praha 6 – Dejvice, 166 34,
first edition, 2021
136 pages, 250 pieces
ISBN 978-80-01-06859-5


The publication presents the sculpture The Rolling House, which stands in the courtyard in front of the FA CTU in Prague. It was developed in the student workshop of the Seho – Světlík Studio, based on sketches by John Hejduk, an American pedagogue and architect with Czech roots, long-time dean of the School of Architecture at Cooper Union College in New York.

The project of this so-called masque was created within the framework of the Design-Build workshop of the Summer School of Construction on the theme of minimal mobile construction in 2019. The project was commissioned by the Dean of the Faculty Prof. Ladislav Lábus.

Hejduk’s objects on the edge of architecture and sculpture were often built by students of architecture faculties, for instance in London, Oslo, Berlin, Buenos Aires, etc. The publication is commemorating them with the author’s drawings and photographs by the legendary Hélène Binet.

In addition to plans and photographs of the Rolling House the reader will find an essay by Prof. Ladislav Lábus on the history of the sculpture and the inspiration of Prof.Alena Šrámková and an insight into the architect’s thought background written by the pedagogue Luis Miguel Marques. The publication concludes with the recollections of John Hejduk: a look back by his pupil Jiří Boudník and a remembrance by historian Prof. Vladimír Šlapeta, who lectured at Cooper Union at the invitation of John Hejduk, and two of the artist’s colleagues, Catherine Seavitt Nordenson and David Gersten.